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If a worker wants to do well, he must first sharpen his tools ! Hutool Is such a super powerful tool class .

In our daily work , They often do the following very cumbersome work :
Date and string conversion
File operation
Transcoding and inversion
Random number generation
Compression and decompression
Encoding and decoding
CVS File operation
Cache processing
Encryption and decryption
Scheduled tasks
Send and receive mail
QR code creation
FTP Upload and download
Graphic verification code generation

Wait, wait

These things , Or write your own code , Or find all kinds of scattered code from different places to transform it into what you need .

Not now , You only need one hutool ! Then these functions are ready-made , And very easy to use ..
hutool There are many tool classes , We will go on one by one in the following order

You don't need everyone to understand , Use it one by one , I have an impression , It will be used in the future , Just look back , It can be used as a manual .

There are still some webmasters who haven't listed , For example, advanced algorithms such as encryption and decryption , Mostly because the stationmaster's level is limited , I can't understand the depth of it , Leave it to the students to explore by themselves .

Coding tools -16 Binary tools
Coding tools - Escape tool
Coding tools -Hash tool
Coding tools -URL tool
Coding tools -Base32-64 tool
Coding tools -Unicode tool

Common class AIDS - Conversion tools
Common class AIDS - Date tool
Common class AIDS - String tool
Common class AIDS - Digital tools
Common class AIDS - Array tool
Common class AIDS - Random tools
Common class AIDS - Comparator tool
Common class AIDS - Multithreading tools
Common class AIDS - Caching tools
Common class AIDS - Timer tool

Classes and objects - Reflection tool
Classes and objects - Class tools
System tools - Pasteboard tool
System tools - Runtime tools
System tools - System properties tool

Related to documents - File IO tool
Related to documents - Picture tools
Related to documents -CVS tool
Related to documents - Graphic verification code tool

A third party is required - Mail tools
A third party is required - QR code tool
A third party is required -FTP tool

other - Network tools
other - Compression tool
other - Regular tools
other - Calibration tool
other - ID card tools

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2019-01-21 Where can I get hutool The source code of ?

Where can I get hutool The source code of ?

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Answer time :2020-02-14
I've studied the principle of asymmetric encryption before , I forgot .

Answer time :2019-01-22
Please learn to search

Answer time :2019-01-21

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