Tool version compatibility problem
There are three main types of framework integration :SSH,SSM and Springboot, Based on the integration of these three styles , There are corresponding practice projects :
Click to enter : be based on SSH Imitating tmall's whole station practice project
Click to enter : be based on SSM Imitating tmall's whole station practice project
Click to enter : be based on Springboot + Vue.js Imitating tmall's whole station practice project

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2019-03-15 Mouse yellow circle

It is suggested that the webmaster should not set the yellow circle of the mouse when recording the video again , It doesn't feel necessary at all , Yellow is for warning , There was no warning , It's a waste of nerve and attention . At first it felt very eye-catching , I haven't been used to it since , ha-ha . Still say it , I hope the stationmaster will build the station better . You can set a shortcut screen prompt , Use like this idea I know what shortcut keys the webmaster used when I was young, so I won't be confused

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Answer time :2019-09-26
The webmaster should not see it here , He only answers the questions in the project , There are too many questions , You can also use the error correction method to let the webmaster see

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In the thousands of questions that already exist , A considerable proportion , Because of the use of and webmaster Different versions of the development environment Resulting in , For example jdk, eclpise, idea, mysql,tomcat Wait, the version of the software is inconsistent .
Please use the same version as the webmaster , You can save yourself a lot of learning time . The webmaster sorted out the software versions used in teaching , It's all here , Convenient for everyone to download : /k/helloworld/helloworld-version/1718.html

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