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complete SpringCloud Trends quantify investment projects , use Springboot 、Vue.js、redis, Zipkin, RabbitMQ, SpringCloud Wait for a complete set of technology stack , From nothing to cover all 58 Knowledge points ,377 There are three development steps , enrich SpringCloud Project experience , Add an attractive weight to your resume .
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After learning step by step , We're finally here springcloud The project is here .

yes how2j Students who know something know , The webmaster focuses on different technologies , Did 4 A version of the imitation tmall whole station project . The same function , It has been realized with four different technologies , Although students can learn more three-dimensional technology from this process , You can also more sensibly compare the differences between different technologies and their advantages and disadvantages , But this springcloud project , The webmaster won't use tmall again . Because of the same function , Do it again , The webmaster really wants to spray blood all over the screen ~

So what kind of project would you like to do ? The webmaster has been contacting the content of quantitative investment for quite some time , And accumulated some experience , So just do a quantitative investment analysis project .

What are the benefits of learning this project :
1. Quantitative investment is the development direction of the financial sector . Good benefits Our industry , Everyone knows that there is : IT and finance . And quantitative investment , It is precisely the intersection of the two . Various financial institutions , Investment companies will go deeper and deeper into the field of quantitative investment , Inevitably, there will be an increasing need for computer technicians in this field . And have quantitative investment experience , We must increase our advantages in the fierce competition .

2. Distributed and clustered Development experience . This project will first use the single station mode to demonstrate , Then analyze its shortcomings , Then the single station is based on springcloud conduct Transformation of distributed and cluster . By participating in this process , We first-hand feel the benefits of distribution and clustering , Accumulate valuable experience in distributed and cluster development .

3. The establishment of the concept of quantitative investment on personal financial management . Say , You don't manage money , Money ignores you . Financial management is an inevitable thing to do , Or put the money in the bank , Even inflation can't run away . So how to manage money ? How to effectively , Low risk , High yield financial management ? By participating in this quantitative investment project , Pull the first-hand native data as a programmer , For native data , Use transparent algorithms to calculate clear results . The annualized rate of return obtained in this way is what convinces you . so to speak , Establishment of quantitative investment concept , This is a good thing for life , And the sooner you start, the better .

The official account of programming , Follow and get the latest tutorials and promotions in real time , thank you .

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2021-07-25 Trend investment projects do not require a database ??? In addition, after the project is completely understood Can you write familiar on your resume springcloud Yes ?


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Want to be so simple
Answer time :2021-09-09
To do it independently means to run through all the code ? Is it familiar not to write ?

Answer time :2021-07-27
The data comes from a third party . sure , But you have to be able to do it on your own .

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2021-06-11 Front end code

Where is the front-end code of this project

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Answer time :2021-06-20
It's all in the project source file .

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2021-02-19 I'd like to ask , Does this trend analysis system use trend tracking strategy ?
2021-02-09 Can you make a fortune after learning this
2020-08-24 As far as the project itself is concerned , There is no need for distributed and microservices to , I think the mall needs more .

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