Step 1 : Linux study   
Step 2 : Virtual machines   
Step 3 : Virtual machine software   

Linux It is necessary to study . Because when people really work , The running environment of the project will be different from the current development environment .
Now let's do development , for convenience , All in windows Or mac Do . The running environment of the real deployment of the project , Most of the time in Linux Go ahead . So learn Linux The basic operation of is very necessary .

In the webmaster's How to put J2EE Application deployment to Linux Series of tutorials , Just put one j2ee Project deployment to Linxu The whole process of the environment , It naturally involves all kinds of Linux Related operations of .

But How to put J2EE Application deployment to Linux Series of tutorials The use is real Alibaba cloud Linux environment , What about this one , It costs a certain amount of money , What's more , Even if you buy Alibaba cloud Linux ESC, Usually only buy one . In the process of learning , Sometimes you need to keep reloading Linux environment , Even multiple Linux Environment to simulate, such as cluster , Distributed environment . Then there is only one Alicloud Linux ESC It's not enough .

So what's a good way ? yes , we have , That is to use the virtual machine to install one or more Linux Operating system
What is a virtual machine ? The so-called virtual machine , Its essence is also a program . But this program , Imitated a complete host , Once you enter this program , Just let Buddha enter another independent computer . this “ Independent computer ” It has its CPU, Memory , Hard disk , Network ,ip Address, etc Independent resources . This so-called “ Independent computer ” It's a virtual machine .

Install a in this virtual machine Linux Operating system , Spend money with us in Bought on Alibaba cloud Linux Use of operating system , It's the same , So by In the virtual machine Linux , We can exercise our Linux Operation skills , Wait for the real Linux On the operating system , Like a skilled worker ~
There are several kinds of virtual machine software , such as

Microsoft Virtual PC

Each has its own advantages . The webmaster is personally familiar with VMware , So this textbook takes VMware Come on

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